Plastic Packaging Analysis

  • Carrying out the nationwide analysis of the LVP collected goods since 1999 on behalf of the Packaging Coordination Office (formerly ARA AG) in order to comply with the decision to set up and operate a collection and recycling system for light packaging (approx. 310 random samples of 1,000 l per year).
  • LVP input analyses to determine or redefine the chargeable NVP values between the individual local authorities and ARA AG from 2001.
  • Input and output analyses to determine the material composition of various LVP input and output streams on behalf of various collection and recycling systems and disposal companies since 1998.
  • Foil output analyses to determine the mass proportions of the foil fractions according to large/small for ARA AG since 1998.
  • Determination of the sorting depth of output fractions from the ABA Vienna sorting plant on behalf of the City of Vienna, MA 48 in the years since 2003.
  • Arbitration reports in accordance with the provisions of the "CONNECT" complaints handling programme to determine MKF quality since 1999.
  • Detailed MKF analyses on behalf of ARA AG in the years since 2004.
  • Carrying out bulk density analyses for LWP and metal packaging on behalf of the Packaging Coordination Office (formerly ARA AG) since 2011.