ISO Certification

The management of FHA GmbH has implemented and follow a quality management system to cope with the rising demands of the market.

An aspect of quality important to the management of FHA GmbH is meeting the needs and requests of the client as best possible. This is done to ensure a solid economic basis for the future prospective of stability, growth, market positioning and a good reputation. Based on the international norm ISO 9001:2015 the management meets all requirements to maintain an evolving quality management system based on the company's quality management handbook. The control of preset quality targets and possible corrections are the main instrument of the quality management system.


The quality policy and it's targets designed by the management include all employees as an active part of the company. With training and information the management ensures that targets are known and considered reasonable by all employees. To ensure this the management must make all parts of the quality management handbook available to employees in the most recent form.

Anchored in the quality management system is the obligation to meet all legal obligations and maintain the status of "good citizenship". Compliance with the company's guidelines is for all of us without question. The management are a demonstration of following these guidelines.


In this context we see ourselves as a competent team in a modern company, as a qualified partner for both public and private sectors.

In this context we are glad to tell you that since 2002 we can offer our services as a certified company following the ÖNORM EN ISO 9001.