Plastic Packaging Analyses

Since 2008 FHA GmbH was contracted by the VKS gGmbH (before by the ARA AG) to report the composition of the material of the austrian plastic collection system. With these analyses nationwide operating collection and recovery systems meet the obligations given by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Environment and Water Management (BMLFUW).


For this project expert Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. Klaus Felsenstein from the Institute of Statistics and Probability Theory, Technical University of Vienna, was invited to provide the statistical sampling plan and to evaluate the statistical outcome.


The project contains the drafting of the sampling plan, coordination, performing the analysis and the presentation of a final report.


To meet the required specifications for the accuracy and to give a representative result for the nine provinces of Austria there have been 310 samples analysed on a quarter year basis.


The final report contains statistics regarding Austria as a whole and each of the individual provinces.

Output Analysis

FHA GmbH are responsible for the nationwide control of output fractions of regional partners and participators within the ARA system.


The Quality Management Programme of ARA requires that FHA GmbH carry out a minimum of 240 output controls per year to check that output specification requirements are being reached by these companies.

MKF (Mixed-Plastic-Fraction) detailed analyses

In 2003 FHA GmbH started a yearly project to perform analyses for ARA and ÖKO-Box to report the composition of the MKF.