Residual, bulky and commercial waste analyses on behalf of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, in the years 2001-2022

FHA GmbH was commissioned by the Federal Ministry for the Environment to determine the packaging quantities in residual, bulky and commercial waste in the years 2001 - 2022. 

  • According to the Ordinance, the achievement of targets is to be determined by means of waste volume surveys, as well as by data to be submitted by the business circles concerned and, if necessary, corresponding market analyses.
  • In order to determine the share of other packaging in the system (residual, bulky and commercial waste), FHA GmbH carried out representative, random, nationwide waste analyses in the target years.
  • Furthermore, the waste quantities generated or treated in the target years and the type of treatment were recorded in order to determine the absolute residual quantities on the basis of the waste analyses.