Studies and controls under contract with the EAK GmbH

In the years from 2006 until 2016 FHA GmbH entered into a consortium with the Technical office of Mr. Hauer concerning environmental economics (Technisches Büro Hauer Umweltwirtschaft GmbH) to conduct studies to determine the flow of masses of electrical and electronic equipments and to determine the quotas for the recycling and reuse of electrical and electronic equipment. The studies where contracted through the EAK Austria GmbH (Austrian coordination platform for the collection and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment).


The studies are used to prepare the reports used by the Austrian federal ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Environment and Water Management (BMLFUW) for the Commission of the European Community.


Additionally in the years 2007 and 2008 FHA GmbH was contracted by the EAK Austria GmbH to control their collection centers.


In the years 2012 to 2013 FHA GmbH was called by EAK GmbH to create the chapter "Recycling" for their recently developed homepage (