Fridge Recycling 2007-2016

In the year 2005 FHA GmbH became active in the field of the WEEE (Waste electrical and electronic equipment) ordinance. In the year 2007 FHA GmbH received a contract from the federal ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Environment and Water Management (BMLFUW) and the RAL Quality Assurance Association to carry out studies on the Demanufacture of Refrigeration Equipment.

The quality of the fridge recycling process is of huge importance because the chloroflurocarbons (CFCs) present in end-of-life fridges and freezers are the primary cause of stratospheric ozone destruction as well as being significant contributors to the global greenhouse effect.


The study target was aimed at determining the efficiency of recycling centers in regards to the recovery of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) in addition to determining recycling targets.


Additionally FHA GmbH was called on to collect and evaluate data concerning mixed mode operations where both CFC (chloroflurocarbons) and VOC refrigeration units where concerned. In the years 2009 to 2016 FHA GmbH conducted studies to determine the recycling quotas for the demanufacture of refrigeration equipment at the recycling plant of UFH RE-cycling GmbH in Kematen.